AndFHEM is an Android frontend to control devices using a FHEM home automation server.

The application can be found within the Google PlayStore. The current APK can be downloaded here.

Please note that andFHEM is deprecated and will not receive big updates anymore. Also see the respective post in the FHEM forum.

Main Features

  • Cache FHEM data on your device. No need to load all the data on every request.
  • Manage your devices in rooms. Create favorites to get a status summary.
  • View devices aggregated by functionality, not by device type.
  • Control and switch your devices, incl. heating, dimming, ...
  • View your FileLog data in zoomable plots.
  • Switch between an arbitrary amount of FHEM servers (Premium only)
  • View and switch directly from your home screen.
  • Create timers without having to write Perl code within the FHEM config.
  • Switch devices based on Tasker / Locale and/or Llama events. This is especially useful for location aware switching.
  • Receive push notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).
  • View FCM notification history (premium only)


You have found a bug or a problem and cannot solve it using the FAQ pages? Got an idea for a new cool feature? Missing a device type? Write a mail to (German or English).


The application is licensed using GPLv3.


Pull requests and feature ideas are very welcome. See Github for details.